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by Mary McKinley

Years ago, when I joined Clann, we had enough people to muster over 100 at Big Island. At the annual and staff election meetings, we had a full room at Corcoran. We had enough people to share the duties and maintain the requirement that one person would not be on Board and Staff at the same time. We had members actively moving forward in their muster goals.

Yes, there were problems too. We lost shows due to being seen as a "party group", we had members removed from the site by police, and there were other issues.

We had the Annual Elections last February 4th. There were 13 people in the Yoder’s living room. Of those 13, 10 were either board and/or staff. The only 3 of us that weren’t, had been at some point, and are again.

Clann, as we know it, is dying. Recruitment efforts have failed. We are aging, both as a group and as members. We nearly lost Ramble this year due to the perceived staleness of our shows. We stand to lose Big Island because we don’t really fit in there anymore. We have to push our active members hard to get enough people at shows to fulfill our contracts. And we’re spending money on artillery that we don’t have the members to use.

When I was President, I tried to elicit from members why we do what we do. I received very few responses to that question; most said it was having fun. Speaking for myself, it is rapidly becoming less and less fun as the same duties are shared by fewer people, as I get older less able to be active, and as my home responsibilities have grown as my discretionary income has decreased. Yes, I am on the Board again, but with a shared position (Thank you Laura!). Why? Because no one else stepped forward and the job had to be done.

So – we, as Clann members need to sit down and have a long, hard look at what it is that we do, and whether it’s feasible to continue moving forward as we are, to disband, or to change direction. Of our active members, we are slanted more towards female members, many of whom have played male roles to fill the military needs. So – do we change focus and become a camp group, eliminating the military aspect? Do we acknowledge the good run we’ve had and go our separate ways? Or do we go on as we are until the group is run into the ground?

This is a conversation we need to have, and I challenge the group to discuss this and decided our direction. I did this a year ago at last years Members Meeting, and nothing came of it. I’m on the Board again, and will keep pushing this. I am setting a deadline of the Staff Elections in November – we need to decide our direction before we go any farther with expenditures and stale shows.


Fargo Celtic fair

Clann Tartan has been invited once again to fill a table at the Celtic Festival sponsored annually by the Fargo Park District at the Hjemkomst Center in Moorhead. The 2012 date is Saturday, March 17(!). As noted last year, it's an easy event: no tents, no pikes, and the show even provides us with hot lunches. But it is about 230 miles from the Twin Cities, so people often get a hotel room or stay with friends on Friday night. The Web site for the festival is Fargo Parks Celtic Fair,; you can view the physical location—which is worth a visit by itself—at Hjemkomstcenter. We’ll have more information in the March newsletter.


Reasonably priced, accurate 17th century shoes, boots, and other leather items, are available from member Pegeen Rozeske. 320-493-6163

Want to quit smoking? Lose weight? Sleep better? Deal with other issues? Your good Auntie/Cousin Mairi is opening her hypnotism clinic! For more information or to schedule a session, contact me at Mairi2 at juno dot com, or via cell at 651-307-2977.

I look forward to working with you!

Mary McKinley


Submissions for the Newsletter!

Items you can submit include research articles, character sketches, and other items pertaining to living history and Scottish Culture. Email your items in either plain text, or MS Word format to newsletter at clanntartan.org or snail mail to our postal address.

Items must be received by the 15th of each month to be considered for inclusion for the upcoming months issue. Mailed submissions will not be returned unless requested. All pertinent submissions will be considered as space permits. All research articles must reference at least three sources. Submissions may be broken in multiple parts.

Deadline for articles to go in the April newsletter will be the 15th of March.

Board and Staff Minutes

Clann Tartan Annual Members' Meeting, Feruary 4, 2012

Present were Julie Yoder, Rich Mueller, Margaret Kirkpatrick, Marty 
Byers, Hellen Ferguson, Anthea Potter, Karen Bastien, Bruce Yoder, David 
Vavreck, Glenn McDavid, Mia McDavid, Mary McKinley, and Sarah Shaftman.

The Treasurer reported that we will end the year with a small budget 
surplus.  We did not have the opportunity to pay for the new cannon, as 
it is not finished; we had fewer shows than budgeted for, but the lost 
revenue was more than balanced by the lost expenses.

The Vice President is still working on flyers.  Marty is planning to 
help her; they are going to paste in pics from our web site.  Karen is 
still pursuing the idea of having us, in costume, work the phone banks 
for public television fund raisers.

The Secretary had no report.

David did get copies of the cookbook.  He will send an electronic copy 
to Mary to transfer into Word so that people can work on it.

The Quartermaster had no report.

New Business

Ramble is on; we will waulk a dry length of cloth.

It seems that the Big Island winter event wants to charge us for a 
table.  We will have to decline if that is the case.

Mia is to follow up on the Moorhead contract.

There is a possibility of a show in Stillwater; Lisa needs a copy of our 
flyer to show the sponsoring church.

Karen wants to learn the waulking songs from Haddayr; it is a good 
non-military demo.

Mia needs to follow up with Fort William.

Old business:

No progress with musket repair.  No news on the musket that Don Chesney 
has, either.

The kiddie pikes are almost done.  Wooden guns are not started.  We need 
the pikes for Woodville.

Marty found the Missing Mortar!  Thank you, Marty!  Marty has also found 
pictures of period mortar carriages; he is going to build new ones.

Marty has tried and failed to figure out who owns our Facebook page; we 
are still trying to figure out how to get control of this.

Don Newsom is going to start turning the cannon barrel.

The budget was presented and discussed.  Big Island is going to cut our 
part, and our fee.  Once again, we wonder how long Clann Tartan can 
continue; shows are dwindling and we need recruits.  Mary McKinley in 
particular pointed this out.

The budget was passed as presented, with the provision that the cannon 
must be finished by March of 2013, or else the contract will be void.

We discussed Pub Night.  Merlins is increasingly difficult; Julie is 
going to take point on investigating different places.  We could also 
work on the crowding situation by moving to a week night, but that's 
hard on working folks.

Elections were held.  Marty Byers was elected President.  Bruce was 
re-elected treasurer.  Mary volunteered to share the Camp Rep job with 

Julie thanked the Board for their work.  The Board thanked Julie for her 

Respectfully submitted:

Mia McDavid

Clann Tartan Staff Meeting, January 12, 2012

Present: Sarah Shaftman, Marty Byers, Anthea Potter, Glenn McDavid, Rich Mueller, Betsy Bolton, Mike McCarty

  1. Upcoming events

    • Airing of the Tartans/First Footing
      • Albert Lea - Feb 11-12
        • What time does it start? The Mall opens at 10 AM.

        • Perry may not be reachable, because he is hospitalized. Marty can track down an alternate contact.

        • Kiddy pikes. Clann has 6. Marty has several more.

        • Anthea will send out e-mails to members

        • Demos: Kiddy pikes, miniatures, lacemaking, Napier's bones, mortar (strictly for show--no firing).

      • Ramble - Feb. 18-19
        • Nobody has heard anything back from Ramble Sarah will get in touch with Lisa (our contracts rep) to get an explicit answer from Ramble.

        • If we do go to Ramble, Betsy can bring baked goods for breakfast

        • Postscript: We will be doing Ramble, with the "dry waulking" and the sword demo.

      • Woodville - May 4
        • We will just do Friday.

        • Expect lots of people.

        • Start the signup early. We need to get the list of student questions put together.

        • It would be good to get the Scout group to come.

        • Anthea will contact Laura for local information

    • Budget

      • Might be able to get rope cheaper.

      • Might allow more for canvas.

      • Medical kit. Review contents and see what needs to be replaced at the February staff meeting.

    • Muster and related issues

      • Find out what the members want to do.

      • Need more emphasis on safety. There should be a general safety session and a discussion of safety in other sessions where relevant. Betsy volunteered to be among the teachers of camp safety, and Anthea made a tentative proposal to hold a session on Saturday, April 28.

      • Drills. Find out what the members want.

    • Next Staff Meeting

      Thursday, February 9, 2012. 7 PM at Anthea's.

Board & Staff

If you need to contact someone associated with Clann Tartan, here is where you find out how. If you are unsure who to contact, you can always email us at: info at clanntartan dot org

Board Members

President Marty Byers 651-261-5815 orthodoxdruid at gmail dot com 2/12 - 2/14
Vice President Karen Bastien 651-399-3505 kybastien at gmail dot com 2/11 - 2/13
Secretary Mia McDavid 651-490-1842 miamcdavid at gmail dot com 2/11 - 2/13
Treasurer Bruce Yoder 612-825-4519 bruceyoder at juno dot com 2/12 - 2/14
Quarter Master David Vavreck 612-353-1237 baethan1630 at yahoo dot com 2/11 - 2/13
Camp Rep. Laura Swenson 651-204-1778 or on my cell at 715-497-9792 mommyco at baldwin-telecom dot net 2/12 - 2/14
Mary McKinley 651-307-2977 mairi2 at juno dot com 2/12 - 2/14
Company Rep. Anthea Potter 763-257-7038 anthea at winternet dot com  2/11 - 2/13


Chief of Staff Sarah Shaftman  612-371-4425  smuzikant at visi dot com   
Assistant Chief of Staff vacant      
Captain Marty Byers 651-261-5815 orthodoxdruid at gmail dot com  
Lieutenant Rich Mueller (651) 583-4264   dragon_musk at yahoo dot com   
Head Camp Follower Anthea Potter 763-257-7038 anthea at winternet dot com  
Assistant HCF Betsy Bolton 612-619-6406 basil80 at hotmail dot com  
Other Staff Ann Peters 612-333-0605 AnnEdyth at aol dot com  
Other Staff Glenn McDavid 651-490-1842 gmcdavid at comcast dot net  
Other Staff Mike McCarty 612-619-6406 (cell) mccartym149 at gmail dot com  
Other Staff Judy Byers 651-261-3933  
Other Staff John Debnam 952-492-5536 mage_ironwolf at yahoo dot com  

Our garage is located at 4352 Nicollet Ave S in Minneapolis. Access is in the alley on the west side of Nicollet. South bay of the double garage. Minor problems or issues should be reported to Bruce. In the event of an emergency, the landlord is Brad at 763-670-9200


Sword Guild:

Meeting and time TBA

David Vavreck
baethan1630 at yahoo.com


We will sing and play music of many styles and places from our period. Bring your voice and/or your instrument(s). Neither need be period correct.

The Yoders have graciously offered to host music once a month. We will meet at their house at 4736 12th Ave S, Minneapolis, from 7 - 9pm the 1st Thursday of each month.

To contact the Yoders, call 612-825-4519 or email to Julieyoder at juno dot com.

To contact your Music Chair, call David at 612-353-1237 or email to baethan1630 at yahoo dot com

Thanks, and I look forward to making some noise with y'all!


We have a yahoo groups email list for the guild that we use for reminders about the meetings and topical discussions. If you want to be on the email list, request an invitation to join from Bruce at bruceyoder at juno dot com.


The Dance Guild gathers weekly from 7PM-9PM to learn and practice historic Scottish country dances.

1st & 3rd Wednesdays

Dance will meet at Lake Hiawatha Neighborhood Center, 2701 E 44th St Minneapolis.

It is at the corner of 27th Av S and E 44th Street. Both streets are one way. That block of 44th between 28th and 27th Avenues is one way westbound and that block of 27th Av between 44th and 43rd Streets is one way northbound. You must enter turning west onto 44th St from 28th Av and exit from 27th Av onto 43rd St.

Questions? call Mary at 651-699-6853 or Julie at 612-825-4519

2nd & 4th Tuesdays

Saint Christopher's Episcopal Church, 2300 N Hamline Ave. in Roseville.

It is at the northeast corner of Highway 36 and Hamline Avenue (Hamline is between Snelling and Lexington). The church is actually encircled by the highway entrance ramp.

For more information call:

Mary at 651-699-6853 or Julie at 612-825-4519.

It's a great place to meet people!

We have a yahoo groups email list for the guild that we use for reminders about the meetings and topical discussions. If you want to be on the email list, request an invitation to join from Bruce at bruceyoder at juno dot com.

Fiber Guild

Those who would like instruction, inspiration, or just to come out and play should contact Mia McDavid, 651-490-1842. email miamcdavid at gmail dot com .

Historic Site

Clann Tartan has our own historic site near Duluth MN. Dun Gowan is an ongoing project, which is the site of Gaffneyis Annual Tactical in June. We are finishing the fort and beginning the construction of a village this year. Contact David Vavreck at 612-353-1237 or baethan1630 at yahoo dot com for further information, or to volunteer to help.



Or “A Camping Refresher At The Start Of A New Season”

by Betsy Bolton

At the start of each show season, I think it’s good to have a reminder of things we, as a group, have learned about staying safe while we play in our glorious Midwestern weather. In light of that, I have taken two previous newsletter articles from 2006, mushed them together and added a couple of things for your reviewing pleasure.

Universal truths of temperature control:

  1.  Fluids are your friend. Even if you don’t care for water, be sure you are getting enough fluids in your body to keep you moving. It’s a major temperature regulator—not just for sweat in the summer, but for warmth in the winter. A new trick I just learned is to bring some water from home to help you adjust to the water in the area you will be staying—it increases the probability that you will want to drink the water where you are.
  2.  What to wear:
  3.  Layers. Start with a good base layer. In warm weather, this might be no more glorious than your body linens, but in the winter, this can certainly be a good set of long underwear. Also remember that the weight of the fabric makes a huge difference—a shirt made of handkerchief linen is going to breathe more than one made of the thickest linen you can find.
  4.  Wool. Not only is wool great in the winter for its insulating properties, it’s good in the summer for those same reasons. Many of us like to have several different types or thicknesses of wool to work with, but in a medium weight, it is very good, basic kit. Did we mention it does not like to ignite right away? We work around open fire and/or explosive powder a lot in our group, so having some natural fire resistance is good.
  5.  Linen. This is a personal preference of mine, as I don’t care for the feel of wool directly against my skin. I wear body linens made of—er, well, linen. Yes, it can be clammy when damp or wet, but a fine gauge linen dries very quickly and breathes very well. I find that linen dries faster and with less of a tendency to chafe or cause blistering than cotton of a similar weight.
  6.  Avoid synthetics? It used to be perfectly acceptable to say that all natural fibers are 100% better than synthetics. High tech, synthetic fabrics have come a long way, however, and if you prefer a base layer that is synthetic, you should certainly go for it. I would recommend, however, that you pay an extra bit of attention around any major heat source, as synthetics tend to melt, not flame up or smolder, which can lead to very impressive burns.
  7.  Need help? Just ask. Many people in our group have been doing this a long time and are clothes horses/excessive packers/worry warts. If you don’t feel like you have enough gear to stay comfortable, ask if someone has a spare to lend you for that show. We would rather you asked to borrow things than have to medevac you out due to heat stroke or hypothermia.
  8.  Seek out shelter. In the winter, a wind break can save your skin. In the summer, shade can be the difference between feeling fine and getting heat exhaustion. Humans have been making and seeking shelter for thousands of years—we are no different than our ancestors this way, nor should we be. If you are starting to feel too hot or too cold, seek out a shelter to help you moderate your internal temperature—and for heaven’s sake, sit down!
  9.  Cover yourself—both ends, in many ways. Being comfortable is the key to enjoying your time in camp, and this is more likely to occur if you have a hat (sun and cold-weather), mittens, stockings, dry shoes, and your “balms” of choice at every show. Chapped skin is not any more enjoyable than sunburnt skin—both of which can occur in any season. A nice sunscreen that is not greasy but that provides a bit of a moisture barrier to your skin can serve both purposes and reduce your pack-in load. A lip balm with SPF can save your mouth and keep you more comfortable than you would otherwise expect to be—and in a pinch can be used as thread lube to make last minute sewing repairs easier. Concerned about reapplication and the public seeing you put on your goo? Repackaging sunscreen and lip balm is relatively simple and can be done fairly quickly—just look it up or ask.

Summer Truths:

  1.  Loose clothing keeps you cooler.
  2.  Drop your core temperature. Many things can be done to help with this, for example, ice can be put in a bonnet or down a bodice to help drop your temperature—assuming you can stand that kind of cold. Personally, I cannot, but many people swear by it.
  3.  Help yourself sweat. Eating spicy foods, dampening clothing, staying hydrated, etc. all help you help yourself. They increase evaporation, which is like giving your internal air conditioner a little bit of a bump.
  4.  Keep calm. Don’t over-do if you can help it. Try to keep your emotions in check. They don’t call an easily frustrated person “hot headed” for no reason. You will stay more comfortable—and more pleasant to be around, as well.
  5.  SUNSCREEN! It can’t be said enough. Not just on your face and hands, but any exposed skin and lips, too. “Bodice burn” is not something to be proud of—besides which, it is uncomfortable.

Winter Truths:

  1.  Stay dry. The same body systems that keep you comfortable in the summer can make you absolutely miserable in the winter. Yes, you need to be able to sweat, you just do not want to get stuck sleeping in it. Keep a pair of socks, a shirt and base layer available to yourself that stays bone dry. This could be as simple as keeping a pair of PJs in reserve, just for sleeping. Believe me when I say, however, that after a full day in fall rain/sleet, you will be very happy to change into PJs at 6:30 in the evening just to be able to be completely dry from the skin out.
  2.  Sleep warm. Invest in a closed cell foam sleeping mat. It will keep you warmer than an air mattress. Get a sleeping bag that is the right range of temperatures for the bulk of the camping you plan to do and then add levels of warmth by adding wool blankets/bag liners/chemical hand warmers. Sleep in mittens, socks and a hat. Whatever you do, give yourself a break and make your body’s job keeping you warm as easy as possible at night.
  3.  The necessary. No one likes the idea of getting up to use the priv in the cold at 3 am when you can see your breath before you get out of your tent—so don’t. Go before you get ready to sleep for the night. You also don’t want to force your body to try to heat all that spare waste all night long. You could also consider a chamber pot—seriously. They are historically accurate for our time and they look like a great option at 4 am in sub-zero weather.
  4.  Candy as a sleep aid. It pays to keep a calorically rich item (I’m fond of fun sized Snickers, personally) where you can find it at night. That little caloric bump can give your body the bit of extra fuel it needs to help you stay warm.
  5.  If the public can’t see it, it didn’t happen. Yes, most shows would prefer you didn’t change into civis as soon as the gate closes. Yes, polar fleece is not actually period appropriate for the 17th century. No, the scots did not have chemical hand warmers in their mittens. Having said that, if you need to get warm or need to have these things to stay warm, bring them! Just keep them out of the public eye—and don’t be offended if someone gently let’s you know that your modern is showing. After all, we would hope you would do us the same favor.

That’s it, folks! Stay healthy and happy during this upcoming show season and here’s to our best year yet! If you have follow-up questions or comments, please feel free to reach out to me personally, or any member of your Staff—that is what we are here for.


August, 2006

Baethan at the Moon

October, 2006

COLD! Or How To Not Freeze in October

Calendar of Events

Be sure to contact your staff if you plan on attending a show event. Try to give at least a ten day notice when possible. This allows proper planning for the feeding of our members, and in some cases is required by event organizers to allow entry as a participant.

You can call any of the staff members listed, or send an email to staff at clanntartan.org.

MARCH 2012

Yoders' Home
Lake Hiawatha
St. Christopher's
Night at the Pub
Location TBA
Fargo Celtic Festival
Board Meeting
Mary McKinley's office
1053 Grand Avenue, Suite 104
St. Paul.
Lake Hiawatha

St. Christopher's
MN Tartan Day
3 PM
State Capitol
St. Paul

APRIL 2012

Lake Hiawatha
Yoders' Home
Saint Christopher's
Board Meeting
Mary McKinley's office
1053 Grand Avenue, Suite 104
St. Paul.
Lake Hiawatha
Night at the Pub
More TBA
Saint Christopher's

Event Schedule:

Hello all,

The following is a list of the dates of the events that are currently on the schedule for this year. The staff has met and decided to keep this running list of events in the newsletter to give you a chance to get an idea of what is going on this season as well as keep you updated to changes in the schedule.

The column titled status will include the following information.

Tentative- this means that an event organizer or Clann has expressed a strong enough interest in doing this event that it warrants reserving space on the calendar for the event.

Pending- this is the next stage of an event. This means that the Contracts Administrator has entered serious discussion about Clann doing an event but we are still not committed to the event. You should however if possible think about whether or not you may be able to attend this event.

Scheduled- this level means that the board and staff have approve the event and we are committed to providing manpower to making the event happen. When an event is assigned this level please let the HCF know as soon as possible if you can or can not attend this event.

Canceled- This means that for various reasons an scheduled event has been removed from the current season. We will try and give as much notice as we can prior to canceling an event.

If you have any questions about this, please feel free to contact staff regarding this matter

Your Staff

Jan 1-2012 1st Footing Finished
Feb 11-12, 2012 Big Island Trade Fair, Albert Lea, MN Finished
Feb 18-19, 2012 A Scottish Ramble - http://www.scottishramble.org/ Finished
March 17, 2012 Fargo Celtic Festival www.fargoparks.com/se_celticfest.html Scheduled
March 31, 2012 MN Tartan Day http://www.mntartanday.org/2801.html Scheduled
May 4, 2012 Siege of Woodville Scheduled


1st and 3rd Wednesday Dance
Lake Hiawatha Neighborhood Center
2701 E 44th St., Minneapolis
Map to St. Paul location St. Christopher's- Dance
Map to Bruce and Julie Yoder's Home
Music and Board Meetings

4736 12th Ave S, Minneapolis 55407