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Minnesota Scottish Fair and Highland Games

The Minnesota Scottish fair is Saturday, May 4.† Hopefully you have all signed up. This is a one Day outdoor show.† We are setting up on Friday May 3rd.† Our schedule:

We will probably be firing a mortar for the noon parade. John Debnam will be demonstrating blacksmithing all day.

Siege of Woodville

The siege of Woodville is set for May 24th.† That is an outdoor one day show.† This is at Woodville Middle school in Wisconsin.† This show is on a Friday.† We are the only thing going and we have school kids there for the entire school day.† We need people who are willing to demonstrate and people who are willing to help keep people fed and people who can help keep the children moving.† This show is fun and fast paced. This is our show.† The Hardware Store in Woodville deserves our hearty thanks for supplying wood to us in the past.

Let's get to work!

We have confirmed work weekends for the Dun Gowan historical site. They are May 18 & 19 (weather permitting), June 1†and 2, June 29 and 30, September 7 and 8 with October 19 and 20 being our last weekend to work (weather permitting). If†you are interested in participating for work weekends, please†let the membership know. Also,†if you would like to participate but need a ride or plan to participate and†would like a rider, please let the membership know!

Hope†to†see you real soon!


It Is Time for Annual Dues Once Again. Clann Tartan uses a fiscal year of April through March, and for simplicity, all members' dues are for the same time period. Dues are $20 for adults and families, $10 for students. Payments can be given to Bruce Yoder, our Treasurer, at meetings, drills or events; mailed to the PO box, or mailed directly to him at 4736 12th Ave S, Minneapolis, MN 55407.

Successful Muster

We had a good muster the weekend of April 26-27. Despite an appalling collection of injuries, we were able to set up and tear down camp, with good meals between. Special thanks to everyone who pitched in. Afterwards we saw two comments from members, which are reproduced here with the permission of the authors.

From Helena:

Struggling with depression and general loneliness this winter, I forgot how much I do benefit from being with like minded people. Muster this weekend put me so at rest. I've missed socializing and laughing and joy making and good food more than I realized.

Plus I got mustered in firestarting and spinning, learned gunne safety and bread baking and had a refresher course in pike drills.

From Renée:

I remembered some things. Good things. Things I had forgotten in my fast paced, lack luster existence the last year. I even found my wit and sense of fun and humor. It was crammed way in the background in a way too small corner for it. In the dark.


Reasonably priced, accurate 17th century shoes, boots, and other leather items, are available from member Pegeen Rozeske. 320-493-6163

Want to quit smoking? Lose weight? Sleep better? Deal with other issues? Your good Auntie/Cousin Mairi is opening her hypnotism clinic! For more information or to schedule a session, contact me at Mairi2 at juno dot com, or via cell at 651-307-2977.

I look forward to working with you!

Mary McKinley


Submissions for the Newsletter!

Items you can submit include research articles, character sketches, and other items pertaining to living history and Scottish Culture. Email your items in either plain text, or MS Word format to newsletter at clanntartan.org or snail mail to our postal address.

Items must be received by the 15th of each month to be considered for inclusion for the upcoming months issue. Mailed submissions will not be returned unless requested. All pertinent submissions will be considered as space permits. All research articles must reference at least three sources. Submissions may be broken in multiple parts.

Deadline for articles to go in the June newsletter will be May 15.

Board Minutes

Board Meeting, March 19, 2013

In attendance: Board members present: President: Marty Byers, Vice President:
Karen Bastien, Secretary: Betsy Bolton, Treasurer: Bruce Yoder, Quartermaster:
Mike McCarty, Company Rep: David Vavreck. Also in attendance: Contract Rep: Mia
McDavid, Head Camp Follower: Anthea Potter

I) †Minutes: February Minutes were accepted as most recently submitted by the

II) Reports:

††† a) Vice President: Trifolds: waiting for final changes from Marty and Mary.
When they are ready to be printed, they will be turned over to the secretary.

††† b) Treasurer: No income was booked in February, as we hadnít been paid yet
for Ramble. We were paid for Fargo in March. The Treasurer is still awaiting the
powder expenses and shotgun cleaning kit expenses.

††† c) Secretary: Board meeting minutes from January were raised, they were
approved for the newsletter in April.

The cookbook file can be opened. The Treasurer suggested getting a price quote
for having 25 copies printed as was done previously by MinuteMan Press. Two
volunteers came forward to look for necessary revisions to the current cookbook
before it is reprinted. When there is a price quote for production costs, a
price point for sale will be discussed. In order to produce a new edition, the
membership should be involved. We will need a notice in the newsletter calling
for volunteers to edit/build a new edition.

Open items from the previous year were raised and many of them were closed.

There is an amazing amount of stuff on our website that we are all unaware of.

††† d) Quartermaster: Will be ordering a pound of pitch for bucket repair.
Muskets will be taken apart, oiled and cleaned before Tartan Day. Will also do
some minor bandolier repairs. He provided Marty a copy of the Muster data
against a current copy of the roster. The website does not have the full,
amended list of muster requirements. The Quartermaster will review what the
official changes are from the old minute notes. The President gave the
Quartermaster the tiller from the hand gunne--it will need to be remade in one
solid piece.

††† e) Camp Rep: No report.

††† f) Company Rep: No report.

III) Guild Reports:

††† a) Music: The group meets and sings. David is looking for his music folder.

††† b) Dance: Would like to have more people attending dance. The group is
beginning to consider a different day of the week to host dancing at the church.

††† c) Fiber: The waulking at Minnesota Scottish Fair and Highland Games will be
done using factory cloth.Waulking at Ramble went well.

††† d) Sword: Good showing at Ramble. Still looking for an indoor practice

††† e) Historic Site: Laura has dates for things, but it is otherwise snowbound.

IV) Events:

††† a) Tartan Day: The effort is being made to notify as many former members as
possible to attend this event.

††† b) Muster: April 27-28 at Jackís. A meeting of the Muster Committee will
follow the Board Meeting.

††† c) Siege of Woodville: Friday before Memorial Day. Not yet requested RSVPs.

††† d) Scottish Fair and Highland Games: First Request has gone out. Saturday,
May 4.

††† e) Hudson Church: This was assigned to Laura. As of the meeting, we are
waiting for a report.

††† f) Ft William: Do not yet have a date. Mia will report when she has one.

††† g) Tactical: Laura has these dates. Has previously been Fatherís Day

††† h) Second Muster (North): At Donís, just need the date set on it.

††† i) August event?: Still up in the air.

††† j) Big Island: We will plan on having the contract for 2013

††† k) Mankato: They have added a school day

V) Old Business

††† Cannon: David saw Don N., and made a petition to have an extended time for
Don N. to deliver the piece. The original purpose of the end date was discussed
and concerns about if there will ever be any progress with an extended deadline
were raised. This is also a morale issue. Mia asked if there was anyone else who
could build us a cannon after buying the steel off of Don N? It would require a
metal lathe. Any other place else to do this would ask for a starting price of
about $6,000. We are unified in our desire to not mess up Donís finances with
regards to the expenditures he has already made, but we do acknowledge that
waiting without an established end date is exceptionally demoralizing. Will he
be able to do the work after he recovers? The board provisionally agreed to not
cancel the contract at the end of the month, provided we can get additional
information from David/Don N about expectations for delivery.

††† Bruce is still working on information for other shows. Anthea offered to get
contact info for Siouxland.

††† Mia reminded the Board about a list of things that we could bring to the
Irish Fair in St. Paul. Also needs to contact the Bristol fair.

VI) New Business:

††† Cannon Piece Safety: the Quartermaster found instructions for shooting a
cannon online to use as a base for writing our own set. A set of firing
instructions should also be written for the mortars--and was already on the
Quartermasterís list.

††† The banking situation that we have now was raised as new business. The
current Secretary was suggested as being added as an authorized signer with the
former Secretary being removed. The Quartermaster was also raised as a
possibility. If he is changed to being an authorized signer, the Quartermaster
was charged with buying the powder we need.

††† The newsletter calendar: donít limit it to just this year, which the
Secretary had already done under the new system.

Next Meeting: April 16, 2013 at 7 pm at Karenís office.

Board & Staff

If you need to contact someone associated with Clann Tartan, here is where you find out how. If you are unsure who to contact, you can always email us at: info at clanntartan dot org

Board Members

President Marty Byers 651-261-5815 orthodoxdruid at gmail dot com 2/12 - 2/14
Vice President Karen Bastien 651-399-3505 kybastien at gmail dot com 2/13 - 2/15
Secretary Betsy Bolton 612-619-6406 basil80 at hotmail dot com 2/13 - 2/15
Treasurer Bruce Yoder 612-825-4519 bruceyoder at juno dot com 2/12 - 2/14
Quartermaster Mike McCarty 651-497-5324 mccartym149 at gmail dot com 2/13 - 2/15
Camp Rep. Laura Swenson 651-204-1778 or on my cell at 715-497-9792 mommyco at baldwin-telecom dot net 2/12 - 2/14
Company Rep. David Vavreck 612-353-1237 baethan1630 at yahoo dot com  2/13 - 2/15

Board meetings are currently held at:

737 Pelham Boulevard
St Paul, MN 55114

The doors lock at 7 pm on Tuesdays so members who are interested in attending the meeting should contact Karen.†


Chief of Staff Sarah Shaftman  612-371-4425  smuzikant at visi dot com   
Assistant Chief of Staff vacant      
Captain Marty Byers 651-261-5815 orthodoxdruid at gmail dot com  
Lieutenant Rich Mueller (651) 583-4264   dragon_musk at yahoo dot com   
Head Camp Follower Anthea Potter 763-257-7038 anthea at winternet dot com  
Assistant HCF Betsy Bolton 612-619-6406 basil80 at hotmail dot com  
Other Staff Ann Peters 612-333-0605 AnnEdyth at aol dot com  
Other Staff Glenn McDavid 651-490-1842 gmcdavid at comcast dot net  
Other Staff Judy Byers 651-261-3933  
Other Staff John Debnam 952-492-5536 mage_ironwolf at yahoo dot com  

Our garage is located at 4352 Nicollet Ave S in Minneapolis. Access is in the alley on the west side of Nicollet. South bay of the double garage. Minor problems or issues should be reported to Bruce. In the event of an emergency, the landlord is Brad at 763-670-9200


Sword Guild:

Come out and learn the ways of Highland defense.

Join the Sword Guild and feel the raw power of the sword.

If you are interested, contact Marty Byers (Email orthodoxdruid@gmail.com), with days of the week and times that work for you. I will then get back to you.


We will sing and play music of many styles and places from our period. Bring your voice and/or your instrument(s). Neither need be period correct.

The Yoders have graciously offered to host music once a month. We will meet at their house at 4736 12th Ave S, Minneapolis, from 7 - 9pm the 1st Thursday of each month.

To contact the Yoders, call 612-825-4519 or email to Julieyoder at juno dot com.

To contact your Music Chair, call David at 612-353-1237 or email to baethan1630 at yahoo dot com

Please note that the Music Guild will not meet on Thursday, May 2.

Thanks, and I look forward to making some noise with y'all!


We have a yahoo groups email list for the guild that we use for reminders about the meetings and topical discussions. If you want to be on the email list, request an invitation to join from Bruce at bruceyoder at juno dot com.


The Dance Guild gathers twice a month from 7PM-9PM to learn and practice historic Scottish country dances.

2nd & 4th Tuesdays

Saint Christopher's Episcopal Church, 2300 N Hamline Ave. in Roseville.

It is at the northeast corner of Highway 36 and Hamline Avenue (Hamline is between Snelling and Lexington). The church is actually encircled by the highway entrance ramp. You may have heard of St. Martin-in-the-Fields. Think of this as St. Christopher's-in-the-Cloverleaf :-)>

Dance group will not meet on Tuesday, December 25.

For more information call:

Julie at 612-825-4519.

We have a yahoo groups email list for the guild that we use for reminders about the meetings and topical discussions. If you want to be on the email list, request an invitation to join from Bruce at bruceyoder at juno dot com.

Fiber Guild

Those who would like instruction, inspiration, or just to come out and play should contact Mia McDavid, 651-490-1842. email miamcdavid at gmail dot com .

Historic Site

Clann Tartan has our own historic site near Duluth MN. Dun Gowan is an ongoing project, which is the site of Gaffneyis Annual Tactical in June. We are finishing the fort and beginning the construction of a village this year. The work weekends for this year will be May 18 & 19 (weather permitting), June 1†and 2, June 29 and 30, September 7 and 8 with October 19 and 20 being our last weekend to work (weather permitting).Contact David Vavreck at 612-353-1237 or baethan1630 at yahoo dot com for further information, or to volunteer to help.

Calendar of Events

Be sure to contact your staff if you plan on attending a show event. Try to give at least a ten day notice when possible. This allows proper planning for the feeding of our members, and in some cases is required by event organizers to allow entry as a participant.

You can call any of the staff members listed, or send an email to staff at clanntartan.org.

Event Schedule:

Hello all,

The following is a list of the dates of the events that are currently on the schedule for this year. The staff has met and decided to keep this running list of events in the newsletter to give you a chance to get an idea of what is going on this season as well as keep you updated to changes in the schedule.

The column titled status will include the following information.

Tentative- this means that an event organizer or Clann has expressed a strong enough interest in doing this event that it warrants reserving space on the calendar for the event.

Pending- this is the next stage of an event. This means that the Contracts Administrator has entered serious discussion about Clann doing an event but we are still not committed to the event. You should however if possible think about whether or not you may be able to attend this event.

Scheduled- this level means that the board and staff have approve the event and we are committed to providing manpower to making the event happen. When an event is assigned this level please let the HCF know as soon as possible if you can or can not attend this event.

Canceled- This means that for various reasons an scheduled event has been removed from the current season. We will try and give as much notice as we can prior to canceling an event.

If you have any questions about this, please feel free to contact staff regarding this matter

Your Staff

Jan 1-2012 1st Footing Finished
Feb 9-10, 20123 Big Island Trade Fair, Albert Lea, MN Finished
Feb 16-17, 2013 A Scottish Ramble - http://www.scottishramble.org/ Finished
March 9, 2013 Fargo Celtic Festival http://www.fargoparks.com/events/celtic-festival/ Finished
April 6, 2013 MN Tartan Day Finished
April 27-28, 2013 Muster - Jack McGowan's, Mankato Finished
May 4, 2013 Minnesota Scottish Fair & Highland Games Scheduled
May 24, 2013 Siege of Woodville Scheduled
June 13-16, 2013 Tactical - Dun Gowan, Duluth Scheduled
October 3-6, 2013 Big Island Rendezvous Tentative
October 9-12, 2013 Mankato History Festival Tentative


2nd and 4th Tuesday Dance
St. Christopher's Episcopal Church, 2300 Hamline Ave. N., Roseville, MN 55113
Bruce and Julie Yoder's Home
Music Meetings

4736 12th Ave S, Minneapolis 55407

Event Maps

Minnesota Scottish Fair and Highland Games

Fair Grounds (Actual and False Color)